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How is the ankle designed and what is its function?

The ankle joint acts like a hinge. But its much more than a simple hinge joint. The ankle is actually made up of several important structures. The ankle is actually made up of several important structures. The unique design of the ankle makes it avery stable joint. This joint has to be stable in order to withstand 5 times your body weight when you run.

Normal ankle function is needed to walk with a smooth and nearly effortless gait. The muscles, tendons and ligaments that support the ankle work together to propel the body forward. Conditions that disturb the normal way the ankle works can make it difficult to do your activities without pain or problems.


As you can see, the anatomy of  the ankle is very complex. When everything works together, the ankle functions correctly. When a problem occurs with the individual joints and bones and a problem with how the move, can make it difficult to perform simple activities such as walking. 

Some of the more common causes of ankle and foot pain include:  


  • injury from twisted ankle

  • lack of proper joint alignments 

  • tendinitis

  • Plantar Fasciitis 

  • fallen arches  

  • excessive repetitive ankle motions 

  • aches and pains from arthritis 

  • nerve irritation 

  • sports injuries  



The Wolff Clinic treatment for ankle and foot problems, incorporates the use of many therapies (i.e.: Neuro Muscular Strength Testing, NMST), all of which are gentle, safe, natural and non invasive. in most cases however, the chiropractor will use an adjustment to correct spinal restrictions or joint misallingments. An adjustment involves the gentle and specific application of a force to the joint or spine in order to allow the body to restore normal joint and nervous system function. This is pain FREE. Management of the condition may involve specific advice on exercise and rehabilitative measures as well as lifestyle and nutritional counceling. 

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